Dave Glaser began the podcast as a way to build a community of authentic daters in Denver, Co.  Dave, your host and facilitator, went on (ahem) quite a few dates and began to see a trend of inauthentic dating…. and thus began the search for the truth!

In spite of giving up hope and throwing in the towel, Dave decided to make it a personal mission to educate this community on the best ways to show up as our authentic selves when dating!  Have you been there before too but just don’t know where to begin?

Grab our 5 Secrets to Surviving and Thriving while dating in Denver now by clicking here!

By interviewing expert guests on the podcast, we want to share their knowledge with you so that the community can grow and we can all discover a life full of abundant love!

Jacqui Pugh Break Up Coach
Jacqui Pugh Break Up Coach and Creator of BURN!

The hashtags #believe #bereal #bebold are especially important because they represent the heart of our mission for the BBR Podcast!  Dave believes that if he can be real on dates and be bold by showing up as his authentic self, he will find what he is looking for in Denver!

As of June 2018, the podcast is live here on the blog, Spotify and iTunes and we couldn’t be more pumped to ask our expert guests to share with you the tools to find exactly what it is that you seek in this world!  #believe #bereal #bebold

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