Why is it So Complicated?! with Sylvie Tarpinian

Why is it So Complicated?! with Sylvie Tarpinian

Sylvie Tarpinian lives in Denver, Co and is finishing up her book Why is it So Complicated?! She joins me on this week’s podcast episode to talk all things dating from where to meet your ideal guy to dating your guy friends! She believes that fear is what holds up back in relationships.

The fear that we will not be accepted if we show up as our authentic selves is a common answer we hear from our expert and real life dating guests on the podcast. I too have had this fear that if I am too transparent or completely forthcoming with my intentions, I will be rejected quickly for another option that’s more mysterious, funnier, or better looking.

Sylvie’s mission is to help people learn how to date in a way that is enjoyable rather than emotionally draining and painful. Stay tuned for the release date of her new book in 2020 by connecting with her on Insta: @Starpin21 FB: Sylvie Tarpinian

What I am uncovering recently through interviews and reading more extensively into modern dating, is that there is some truth to leaving a little bit of mystery for your date to uncover as you get to know each other. However, becoming our authentic self is part of the journey to finding lasting love. So, while you may not “air it all out” on the first date, you can still be mysterious and authentic all at the same time!

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