Fixing You Is Killing Me with Stuart Motola

Fixing You Is Killing Me with Stuart Motola

Season 3 of the podcast begins with Stuart Motola, author and speaker, that I met recently at The Radical Love Summit. Stuart believes that unconscious self-betrayal is what holds us back in modern relationships.

In his book Fixing You is Killing Me, Stuart helps others eliminate self-betrayal and learn to walk the path of a healthy self-relationship and ascend the greatest heights of loving partnership. In today’s episode, we discuss his experience trying to be the hero for his family and how that was to the detriment of his own needs.

If Stuart’s message resonates with you today, please don’t hesitate to reach out to him through one of the links below.

www.stuartmotola.com www.facebook.com/StuartMotolaCoaching twitter.com/stuartmotola

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